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5 Kid-Friendly Hikes With Wider Trails for Seattle-Area Families

Nearby hikes with wider trails that suit active kids

Devon Hammer

Published on: April 05, 2023

Mercer Slough hiking path
Mercer Slough | Credit: Devon Hammer

A breath of fresh air — and some space

Hiking with my kids is essential to my family sanity. I find solace in nature and enjoy a good dose of it whenever I’m in need of a recharge. I also have an active elementary-age boy who quite literally bounces off the walls when we’re stuck at home. Hiking fulfills my son’s need for adventure and physical activity while fulfilling my need for exercise and a breath of fresh air. My daughter is old enough to keep up now and their new baby brother rides along — literally, on my back, in a carrier. As long as I keep the snacks coming, we try to hike at least a couple of times a week.

Back during the pandemic, I went in search of wider hiking trails, so that my active family could keep some space around us. While we’re no longer distancing the way we were, more space on the trail is ideal for hiking with a big gaggle of kids, friends or dogs. We love a little extra elbow room along the way.

Read on for the five Seattle-area trails that we found and continue to enjoy.

First up: farm to trail

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