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5 Kid-Friendly Hikes With Wider Trails for Seattle-Area Families

Nearby hikes with wider trails for easier social distancing with kids

Devon Hammer

Published on: July 10, 2020

5 Kid-Friendly Hikes With Wider Trails for Seattle-Area Families

Bullitt Fireplace Trail
Bullitt Fireplace Trail. Credit: Devon Hammer

Bonus: Bullitt Fireplace Trail

The 4-mile out-and-back Bullitt Fireplace Trail in Issaquah is best reserved for older kid hikers or younger children in a carrier. With 1,100 feet in elevation gain in 2 miles, it is a steady climb to the top without many breaks. It is doable for an experienced little hiker, around age 7 and up. The trail is surprisingly wide given the elevation gain; however, it does have a few narrow spots. The muscle-burning climb is made worth it when your reach the giant fireplace standing alone in the middle of the forest. It might not be some spectacular view at the top, but it is definitely a sight to see. Due to the terrain and elevation gain, a stroller would not work for this hike.
Find it: The trailhead is in a residential area not far from the old part of Issaquah. Follow directions to the trailhead and you will wind up a residential road, eventually running into a very small parking lot marked with a “Bullitt Fireplace Trail” sign. There is also parking available on the street. No parking pass needed. No bathrooms are available so plan ahead.

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