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Light Plantasia Dazzles at W.W. Seymour Conservatory

Go now! Tacoma's indoor light show is only on through Sunday

Nancy Chaney

Published on: December 11, 2019

Lusio Lights brings its botanical light art to the W.W. Seymour Conservatory in Tacoma's Wright Park

There are some giant light shows happening up in Seattle this season. (Check our complete guide if you're thinking of going.) But there's a unique and possibly even cooler light display going on now, and it's right in Tacoma's beautiful backyard.

Light Plantasia at the W.W. Seymour Conservatory in Wright Park is on through Sunday, Dec. 15, and it's fantastic for families.

Regular visitors to the conservatory — perhaps for its monthly story time — know that it normally feels lush, airy and green. With the addition of Light Plantasia's light art installations, the conservatory is transformed into a beautiful and other-worldly landscape of shadows, colors and light.

Various artists have installed lighting around and among the plants to create unique visual displays. Kids will recognize some plants and maybe get to wonder: How is that palm tree blue? Strolling through the conservatory's plants and specimens, dressed up in their lights, makes for a lovely family evening, especially as our almost-winter days are so short.

Light Plantasia is presented by Lusio. It's open 5–7 p.m. each night through Sunday, Dec. 15, 2019, and is open to all ages. Tickets to Light Plantasia cost $12 online, or snag a five-pack for $50. Ages 3 and younger are free. Tickets are also available at the door.

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