Lucky 7 Election Must-Reads: Vote, Baby, Vote!

Published on: December 30, 2013

girl_flagIt's Election Day! Maybe you've voted, maybe you're rushing to get your ballot in by deadline. Maybe you're debating how much of the news results to let your rug rats watch on TV. Are your Obama or Romney cupcakes in the oven? Are you feeling lucky? In between all that, here are some mostly but not totally election-themed must-reads to devour.

1. Vote, baby! Pregnant woman votes on way to the hospital. Holy mother, that is some serious civic duty.

2. Telling your kid who you vote for? Or should you keep it a secret? An interesting debate.

3. Three reasons Obama will win; three reasons Romney will win.

4. Election fatigue? Look over here, it's a winky! For a distraction from politics, or maybe not so much, it's the genitalia name game.

5. My two dads. A little girl's letter about her family to President Obama elicited tons of responses, but not as many as this follow-up about the President's response to the little girl.

6. Sandy and the polls. Long lines at voting stations as residents impacted by Sandy try to make their way to vote.

7. Whatever happens with those "women's issues." Four policy priorities for women and families moving forward.

And more: 10 scrumptious snacks and treats you can whip up while you wait for election results; what's your charter school headspace? and last-minute books that can help explain our democracy to your little future voters.

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