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Making Math Fun with LEGO

From addition to fractions, you can use LEGO as a math teaching aid for kids. Here's how!

A car made almost entirely out of Lego blocks

The name itself is a dead giveaway of how useful this toy is. "LEGO" is a corruption of the words "leg godt" — which means "play well" in Danish. It is one of those ubiquitous toys that almost every kid grew up with.

LEGO blocks and their unending possibilities have provided millions of happy play hours to children around the world. And why just children? LEGO holds similar attraction for adults who still have a little bit of a child inside of them.

What parents like about LEGO sets is the fact that these simple and uncomplicated toys will stimulate the brains of young children while still being safely in the 'fun' zone.

So why not use this toy to help children with what can sometimes be a challenging subject — math? Here are some simple yet easy-to-implement ideas for math learning through LEGO fun.

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