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Join one of our local parenting Facebook groups and connect with other parents in your area. We have groups in Seattle, the North Sound, the South Sound and on the Eastside

Rory Graves

Published on: March 31, 2015


Community matters

We know how important community is when you are a new parent. We want to help you find your village, to connect with other mothers and fathers in your community.

Please use these groups to connect, to make friends, to ask questions and to share your stories. We'll follow the conversation so that we can learn how we can better serve you. We'll provide monthly giveaways to places in your community and live Google Hangouts with parenting experts. Feel free to invite other parents from your community to join. These groups are private, so only other group members will be able to see your posts.

ParentMap values a diversity of opinions. However, comments are deleted, blocked or disallowed when they are inappropriate and/or threatening. If you post a comment that does not meet the standard of respectful discourse, it will be removed. We also ask that marketing or business related posts please not be posted to these groups.

Welcome to your village!

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