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Parents’ Night Out! Drop-Off Evening Child Care Around Seattle

You get a date night, your kids have a blast. Deal?

Published on: February 15, 2023

Parents’ Night Out! Drop-Off Evening Child Care Around Seattle

Young girl on a rock climbing wall

Is it time for a date night?

Between working, cooking, cleaning and caring for your kids, it’s easy to let relationship maintenance or self-care fall by the wayside. This is particularly true if you don’t have a village of family members or a dependable babysitter at the ready.

Enter the drop-off evening care commonly called parents’ night out.

For an hourly cost that’s typically comparable to what you’d pay a college student (thank you, economies of scale), your child gets fun entertainment and the opportunity to build social skills, while you get a break and some adult conversation. Go ahead and schedule that long-awaited date night or the yoga class you’ve wanted to try for ages — we’ve got the ultimate list of parents’ night out offerings around Seattle.

Note: The pandemic has been hard on group child-care offerings. Combined with staffing shortages, many places that used to offer parents’ night out events are no longer operating. Those that remain occasionally change operating hours, so make sure you check in advance before making that fancy dinner reservation.

First: Seattle-area and North Sound offerings

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