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Seattle Schools update

Published on: December 30, 2013

The Seattle Public School District came forward several days ago with reasons for firing Ingraham High School Principal Martin Floe. According to a letter sent to the Ingraham community on May 12, the school is the second-lowest performing Seattle public high school in terms of academic growth.

In addition, the letter states, "performance at Ingraham is static, and has been for the past several years. Ingraham’s school-wide performance is lower than the district average in all disciplines. Only 38 percent of the Ingraham student population is proficient in math, 33 percent are proficient in science, 66 percent are proficient in reading and 73 percent are proficient in writing."

While the district's hoping this data will quiet the firestorm ignited by interim Superintendent Susan Enfield's decision,  Floe's supporters  began circulating a petition yesterday to challenge  his dismissal and to urge the Seattle School Board to rehire him, according to a Seattle Times report. The Times also ran a blog by education reporter Dick Lilly questioning Enfield's reasoning.

What's next? We'll keep you posted.

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