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Sick of This? Funny Email of the Day

It's the editor's bane: An inbox swamped with non-stories in the form of urgent press releases.

Still, occasionally I do find a gem among the droppings. Like this one from Hormel Foods:

Hormel Foods asked consumers, through a survey conducted by Harris Interactive, what irritating pop culture trends they’d love to barbecue to a crisp this year. The results were clear:

  • Reality shows: 48 percent (Oh, come on! You know you love you some Idol.)
  • Baby bump sightings on non-pregnant celebs: 44 percent
  • Black nail polish: 44 percent (What? My toes somehow annoy you?)
  • Animals that fit into designer purses: 41 percent
  • Pop star clothing lines: 41 percent (take that, Beyonce!)
  • Leggings: 32 percent

What annoys you? Irrelevant surveys conducted by processed-meat companies, perhaps?

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