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Snapdoodle Toys Buys Top Ten Toys

What's next for these local favorites?

Published on: May 02, 2018

Top Ten Toys
Inside Top Ten Toys in Greenwood. Photo courtesy Top Ten Toys

You know them, you love them. Now Snapdoodle Toys and Top Ten Toys are joining forces.

Snapdoodle is buying the Greenwood-based Top Ten Toys, whose owner, Allen Rickert, is retiring. In business for 10 years, Snapdoodle was founded by Rob and Cherry Pickering

Top Ten Toys will retain its name, joining Snapdoodle's two other locations (one in Kenmore and one in Redmond).

"In contrast to widely held thinking, I’m enthusiastic about the future of retail, especially the toy sector," Rob Pickering said in a statement published in "The Seattle Times." That's a sentiment that Rickert echoed in a 2017 interview with ParentMap, where he spoke of the importance of non-digital toys.

"Traditional toys often require more imagination, physical effort and time to slowly reach the point where the model is built or the game is won," he said. "A doll tea party or the slow, meticulous set-up of toy soldiers before a battle cannot match the nearly immediate flashing colored lights and sounds of a computer game."

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