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Speaking up - and helping your kids do the same

Published on: December 30, 2013

I loved doing KING TV's "Parent-to-Parent" today because I got to talk about a topic close to my heart: Why it's so important kids learn how to speak in public.

How many of us are performance-averse ourselves? And it doesn't seem to matter if we're asked to speak, sing, dance, or tap out a few bars on the piano. For lots of people, the idea of doing anything at all in front of others is just plain scary.

Which, when you think about it, is silly; what good is singing and dancing and making music unless there’s someone to listen to it, enjoy it and dance along with you?

Being able to verbally express yourself with confidence is especially crucial in today’s world. And not just for future courtroom attorneys or heads of corporations or even presidents of PTAs.

One day your child might be an author or a scientist or a teacher. She’ll need to give a reading, or a presentation or conduct a class. Or maybe your son will be best man at a wedding. Who’s going to give the toast to the happy couple?

It’s important to help your child hone these skills. Watch today’s segment for some tips.

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