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Teach your children well

Published on: December 30, 2013

We stress, we fret, we angst over it: how to get our kids to meet academic standards.

Hey! I know! Let’s just lower the standards!

That’s the thinking the Seattle School Board revealed with their latest plan – to lower graduation requirements from a C GPA to a D.

Love that life-lesson for the kids. Can’t finish your five-page report? No prob – let’s make it 3 pages! We’ll turn long-distance running into short-distance running! And about those music lessons – sure, we all know practice makes perfect. But less practice makes less perfect and, really, in the big picture, so what?

Raising the bar for student achievement is so yesterday; if we can sack the WASL we can certainly deep-six those pesky graduation measures.

Next on the SSB agenda: “New Math, Old Math, Everyday Math - Who Cares, It’s All Just Numbers.”

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