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Best Online Parenting Class: 9 Options to Get You Learning

We could all use a little expert advice when it comes to parenting. Here are online classes that'll help

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A few years ago my parenting struggles led me to a free series of teen parenting classes taught by Kathy Slattengren of Priceless Parenting. I made it to only two of the six classes. But still, I learned so much in two classes; I craved more instruction. Help was as close as my computer: online parenting classes.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved the camaraderie of taking an in-person class with other parents. But in our hectic day-to-day lives, finding time for yet another in-person engagement is near impossible.

Plus, taking a class online offers another boon to parents: anonymity.

“Parenting is not intuitive; we all don’t know what we are doing,” says Amy Lang, founder of Birds + Bees + Kids, a Seattle-based organization that provides a range of web-based parenting classes. “We are embarrassed and ashamed that we don’t know what we are doing when our child is starting to make us homicidal, and we don’t reach out for help. One reach that is completely anonymous and private is to take online classes.”

Finding a class that fits

Though there are a growing number of choices for parenting education online, simply Googling will probably not get you where you want to go. So we did the research for you.

This list showcases well-reputed, web-based parenting classes. All have received kudos from parents who have taken them and are steeped in the latest research findings. Browse through our findings or click directly to the ones you want to research.

1. Priceless Parenting

2. Positive Parenting Solutions

3. Neufeld Institute

4. Birds + Bees + Kids

5. Positive Discipline

6. Communication for Imperfect Families

7. Aha! Parenting

8. Meghan Leahy, Parent Coach

9. Childproof Parenting

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