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Time to teach your kids Italian?

Published on: December 30, 2013

Wouldn't it be fun to venture to Italy with your kids - and listen to them speak Italian? Reel off uno, due,tre, quattro? And la zucca (pumpkin)impariamo-cover2? Might be fun to learn a few key Italian phrases - just for fun - even if you're not planning to venture far from home.

Giuliana Sica and Steven Kermen have collaborated (Sica's the writer; Kermen's the illustrator) to produce a charming book, Impariamo l'Italiano Con l'Aiuto della Mano! Let's learn Italian with the help of our hand!, published by a niche Seattle publishing company, Gemelli Press, that turns out Italian-inspired works. Only. Impariamo l'Italiano aims to educate parents and children in Italian at the beginner level.

E parliamo in Italiano!

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