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Weekend event update

Published on: December 30, 2013

Two grand openings worth your while this weekend:

1. The Wing Luke Asian Museum reopens in its new 60,000-square-foot home, the renovated East Kong Yick Building in Seattle's Chinatown/International District. Explore the museum for free on Saturday and Sunday, and get in on hip hop workshops, lion dances and other family friendly good stuff.

2. On Saturday, head to Point Defiance Park & Aquarium for the opening of Animal Avenue, a just-for-kids exhibit stuffed with small creeping and leaping things -- lemurs, mole rats, scorpions, tree frogs and over a dozen other species.

And this just popped into my inbox: Kids from the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts, also known around these parts as SANCA, perform on Saturday at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center. Juggling, rope- and bellydancing, trapeze artistry, clowning and something called "tissu" -- see the kids in action and support their school.

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