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Weekend family update: Game on!

Published on: December 30, 2013

Just like the name says, Blue Highway Games sells games. Lots and lots of games. Sweet little card games for preschoolers, family games, strategy games, those complicated card games with lots of rulez, cool new games you've never heard of (which you must own, right now). It's a laid-back place to shop -- browse until you can browse no more -- and the staff knows its stuff: on a recent visit, a nice young man chatted knowledgeably with me about games that might appeal to a family with a wide range of ages amongst the kids. A game library at the back is always open for customers to pop in and try out the merch (a nice way to spend a couple of hours on a summer afternoon).

The store turned one on July 3, and hosts a bash tomorrow to celebrate. Drop by for snacks, game play in the library, and something called "The Blue Highway Pirate Challenge," for which there are prizes. (Why a pirate challenge? It IS Seafair opening weekend, after all. )

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