World Christmas: Holiday Traditions from Around the Globe

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Christmas is a time to reflect upon family, both those who are still with us, and those from past generations. This season, explore your family history by trying a new recipe or tradition that reflects the ethnicity of your forefathers (and mothers!).


In Mexico, families create farolitos, or lanterns made from brown paper bags, to decorate outside their homes. Although the Mexican versions are made from bags with intricate patterns cut into them — and lit with real candles — you can make a kid-friendly version. Take brown or white paper bags (sack lunch size) and let the kids decorate the sacks. Use punches to create cut-outs in the paper, or just color with markers or crayons. Add glitter, stickers or stick-on jewels if desired. At dusk, set your farolitos outside along the sidewalk, porch or driveway. Put a couple of scoops of sand or gravel into the bottom of each sack to weight them, and then add a battery-operated tea light. More instructions are on the website for Santa Fe's Farolito Walk

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