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Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2024

Calendar/Event Details

3, 2, 1 … BLAST OFF with the 2024 Children’s Film Festival Seattle! A galaxy of great films and activities await Seattle families at this year’s CFFS! Northwest Film Forum invites you to come enjoy awe-inspiring and spectacular shorts, glittering features, and out-of-this-world workshops.

We send this call across the known universe: To join a dazzling voyage of discovery from Friday, February 2 to Saturday, February 10, 2024. The festival will be available to youth, families, and film lovers of any age, both in-person and online.

Children’s Film Festival Seattle, the largest festival on the West Coast dedicated to children’s films, features over 190 film screenings from over 50 countries every year. Reaching thousands of youth, families, and patrons every year through both on-site, online, and national touring programs the festival is celebrated by press, parents, and educators as an inclusive, expansive, and worldly experience that promotes empathy and celebrates humanity.

See below for a preview of some of the special events, shorts, and feature films that will be happening throughout the festival! For a full list of events and screenings, visit the website below.


Warm and Fuzzy (All ages) – This colorful collection of animated all-ages films will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy! Enjoy vibrant colors, furry friends, and adventures fit for the whole family! – Feb. 3 at 11am

Where I Belong (Ages 10+) – The kids featured in these narrative and documentary shorts proudly embrace who they are. Follow along as they dance, push boundaries, celebrate their differences, and make new friends. – Feb. 3 at 11:30am

Friends of the Forest (Ages 8+) – Experience the magical world of the forest in all of its seasons, and accompany its furry inhabitants on all of their adventures! Celebrate birthdays and solstices, gather food, and even learn to read and write with the friends of the forest. – Feb. 3 at 1pm

New Homes (Ages 13+) – Adjusting to a new home is a scary, uncertain experience. These short films explore the joys and pains of the immigrant experience, underlining the inclusive power of community. – Feb. 3 at 1:30pm

Queer Quests (Ages 10+) – This program of fantastical queer shorts showcases children who imagine new ways of understanding themselves and challenge the status quo. – Feb. 3 at 3pm

Viajes y Sueños Spanish Language Program (Ages 10+) – These Spanish language shorts feature the journeys of those who dream. Experience musical adventures, immigration stories, and even time-travel to learn about age-old traditions, lost cities, and lessons that teach us more about who we are today. – Feb. 3 at 3:30pm 

Headspace (Ages 10+) – Norman is an average teenage boy with an above average concern for the future of the planet. It all becomes very real when three microscopic, peace-keeping aliens crash land into his iced tea. They enlist him and his friends to save the planet from the intergalactic villain, Zolthard (also quite small) who will stop at nothing to get his fleet of droids to invade Earth and dominate the giants that roam it. – Feb. 3 at 5pm

Surrounded by Symphonies (All Ages) There is music all around us! From plants to people, symphonies surround us every day. Enjoy this broad-cultured collection of musical journeys. – Feb. 4 at 11am

Indigenous Inspirations (Ages 13+) This collection of documentary and narrative shorts showcases different Indigenous stories from around the world. From climate activism to following the portage routes of ancestors, the kids and characters in these stories are sure to inspire you! – Feb. 4 at 1:30pm

Generations of Imagination (Ages 10+) Many things can be passed down through generations, including imagination. This collection of shorts celebrates different intergenerational relationships, adventures, and memories, proving that Grandparents sprinkle a dose of magic in our lives! – Feb. 4 at 1pm

Ready to Roll: Youth Filmmaker Showcase (Ages 10+) Get a glimpse inside the visionary minds of today’s young filmmakers! These short films reflect how creative, innovative, and inspiring our next generation is. Travel across the world with their artful animations, witty documentaries, and fresh storytelling. – Feb. 4 at 11:30am 

Feeling Fearless (Ages 8+) Follow along as the kids in these short films face their fears, stand up for what’s right, and learn to be their best selves! You too will be feeling fearless! – Feb. 4 at 3pm

Promise to the Planet (Ages 8+) –This collection of shorts celebrates the wonders of our planet – from the forests to the seas! Follow along and be inspired to make your own promise to preserve our natural home. – Feb. 4 at 3:30pm

Myths and Legends (Ages 14+) – Travel across time and cultures with this collection of mythic short films. Learn from legends about ghosts, grief, magic, and mayhem. – Feb. 4 at 5pm

Family Hug (Ages 13+) –Grab your loved ones and some tissues: these short films are full of heartache and heartfelt stories about family. – Feb. 4 at 5:30pm

TEEN NIGHT! It’s a Mess, I Guess? (Ages 13+) –The teen years — it’s a time for new experiences, some tough, some touching, and some just downright strange. Together, these films explore the highs and lows of being a teenager, including all of the special messiness in between. – Feb. 9 at 6:30pm

Best Buds (Ages 6+) – Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes! These short films showcase different best buds, from a cowboy and his horse to a pair of socks. Follow along as these pals travel near and far, and support each other through life’s up and downs. – Feb. 10 at 11am

Lost & Found (Ages 10+)  Whether it’s stolen socks or misplaced memories, some things just get left behind. These short films follow the journeys of stuff that’s gone missing, but they also show us the important finds that we make along the way. – Feb. 10 at 11:30 am

Imagination Creations (All Ages) – Celebrate the joy of creating – whether it be big or small, with our hands or minds – by ourselves or with friends! The characters in these stories use their imagination to get to know themselves, their communities, and the world around them. – Feb. 10 at 1pm

Merveilles Précieuses French Language Program (Ages 8+) – This all-French-language program features adorable critters, imaginary friends, and alternate worlds. Come experience the wonders of childhood while practicing a bit of your français! – Feb. 10 at 1:30pm

Out of This World! (Ages 8+) – Embark on a voyage of discovery and adventure in this celestial collection of films. Travel to unknown planets, play amongst the stars, and even talk to the moon! – Feb. 10 at 3pm

Black is Beautiful (Ages 12+) – Through music, love, and life lessons, these stories celebrate the beauty and joy of being Black! Follow along as the characters in these films learn to embrace who they are – both inside and out. Feb. 10 at 3:30pm

Feature Films: 

Headspace (Ages 10+) – Norman is an average teenage boy with an above average concern for the future of the planet. It all becomes very real when three microscopic, peace-keeping aliens crash land into his iced tea. They enlist him and his friends to save the planet from the intergalactic villain, Zolthard (also quite small) who will stop at nothing to get his fleet of droids to invade Earth and dominate the giants that roam it. – Feb. 3 at 5pm

Mountain Boy (Ages 10+) – A young Emirati boy with Autism ventures with his new friend Barakah, an Arabian Saluki, to find acceptance, family, and redemption. – Feb. 3 at 5:30pm

Homeschooled (Ages 10+) – A group of high schoolers prepare for prom and navigate the intriguing world of homeschooling in this heartwarming documentary. – Feb. 9 at 8pm

The Inventor (Ages 10+) –Inventing flying contraptions and war machines – and studying cadavers – Leonardo da Vinci tackles the meaning of life itself with the help of French princess Marguerite de Nevarre.– Feb. 10 at 6pm

Special Events

Opening Night at PacSci: WALL·E [In-Person Only, at PACCAR IMAX Theater] – Join Northwest Film Forum for a dazzling opening night event at our 19th Children’s Film Festival Seattle! Come watch the beloved, Criterion-certified classic WALL-E … on a larger than life screen. With a love story this grand, and animation this awe-inspiring, we’re over the moon that we get to open our festival at Pacific Science Center, at the state-of-the-art PACCAR IMAX Theater!

WALL-E, a robot purpose-built for the humble task of compacting all the garbage on Earth, has been hard at work for centuries. Mankind skipped town and left him with their mess long ago, and with only a cockroach for company, WALL-E longs for companionship. One day, he gets his wish: EVE, a mesmerizing robot unlike anything WALL-E has ever seen, descends from the heavens and turns his world upside-down.

Can the connection between this curious pair bring a spark of life back to a world devastated by environmental exploitation? Mark your calendars for February 2nd to find out!

Event Details

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    No upcoming dates scheduled
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    $14 general; $10 child; discounts and festival passes available
  • Recommended Ages

    All ages (check each film program for age recommendation)
  • Venue

    Northwest Film Forum

    1515 12th Ave
    Seattle, WA 98122-3994
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