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Festal: Diwali — Lights of India

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Festival of Lights showcases the arts and culture of India, adapted from, and closely following Diwali, the most popular annual festival celebrated around this time in India. The indoor festival, free for the public and suitable for all ages, attracts audiences from far and wide to converge in Seattle Center for a memorable afternoon of joy, conviviality and cultural experiences that are exuberantly Indian.

In addition to entertainment featuring nationally- and internationally known artists with participatory and educational content, you will also enjoy Indian dance lessons, classical dances in the traditions of Odissi, Bharatanatyam and Kathak, and other entertainment produced and presented by youth.

Festival of Lights will also feature a flower mandala (rangoli) decorative arrangement on the floor, henna booth, saree booth, puppetry show and workshop for children, face painting, Indian chai corner, and other attractions. With delicious food from many regions of India and tempting shopping opportunities presented by vendors, Festival of Lights promises to engage, entertain and inform attendees of all ages and cultural backgrounds

Event Details