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flora&faunavisions + Tacoma Arts Live present: ‘Utopian Garden’

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From Berlin to Tacoma comes a dynamic project by the world-renowned, visionary design studio flora&faunavisions. Utopian Garden will bloom as an immersive, fully interactive experience where creativity and science come together in the natural world. Utopian Garden invites the audience to actively participate in a vivid immersion of nature at the Tacoma Armory. “We will fully engage visitors in both the science and mystery of Mother Earth, activating optimism of the amazing possibilities of our world,” says David Fischer, Executive Director of Tacoma Arts Live. Using a carefully applied understanding of art, science and nature, alongside the inspiring ideas of revered thinkers such as Ada Lovelace, Carl Linnaeus, and Claude Monet, Utopian Garden explores universal themes of creation and the power of human connection as a means of creating - and saving - our future. It's a place to become a better you.

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