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10 Healthy Halloween Treats

Published on: September 16, 2013

Boonana Pops

Boonana Pops
Give your guests a scare by making these easy and healthy frozen “Boo-nana” pops featured over at the Healthful Pursuit blog. All you’ll need are some just-ripe bananas, popsicle sticks and raisins (for the eyes). Freeze them up, and serve. Your little monsters will have fun chasing each other around the house with their ghostly friends.

Mango jigglers

Mango Jigglers
Now here’s a fruit snack made with actual fruit! We love the idea of making these sweet mango fruit snacks featured over at Meal Makeover Moms for the whole fam. (Plus, they’re the perfect shade of Halloween orange!) You could even decorate them with Halloween sayings and drawings using a food pen. Crafty bonus points!

Sneaky snakes

Sneaky Snakes
Shake up your Halloween spread with these black olive snakes by Cute Food for Kids. String olives along using toothpicks and give the little guy some peepers for a healthy alternative to Halloween sweets. We love the tiny carrot tongue. So cute!

Popcorn cake

Take the Cake
Take a break from overflowing candy bowls and give this popcorn cake featured on Taste and Tell a try. Using ingredients like peanuts and M&Ms (only a handful), the finished product has a slight sweetness without a ton of extra calories.

Raw salted caramel apple

Undercover Caramel
Nothing says Halloween like a caramel apple. With this recipe for “raw” salted caramel, now your family can enjoy familiar flavors without the sugar high. Nutritionist and vegetarian chef Sarah of My New Roots shares her tips, which include using dates and raw nut butter as the secret ingredients to create that sweet, creamy texture.

Eyeball crackers

I See You
These eyeball crackers featured at Little Nummies make for the perfect party starter, and there are so many ways to mix and match to create a cast of oglers. All you’ll need is a variety of crackers, cheeses, meats, and olives to concoct some unbelieve-eyeball-y savory Halloween treats.

Pretzel brooms

Bewitching Brooms
These little brooms featured over at Cocinandocon Catman aren’t as mysterious as they seem (the post is written completely in Spanish!). All you’ll need is stick pretzels, string cheese, and uncut chives to create these salty sweepers. 

Carrot pumpkins

Tricky Pumpkins
We’ve been duped! At first glance, these cutie pumpkins featured on Apron Strings look like another sugary Halloween treat, but they’re actually jam-packed with vitamins, thanks to a carrot-based mix. Check out the full colorful tutorial for this low-sugar Halloween treat.

Bat chips

Send out Your Bat Signals
These homemade tortilla chips featured on Pennies on a Platter are the perfect Halloween snack for your little Batman. Made simply by baking up some cookie-cutter bats from tortillas, these do-it-yourself chips couldn’t be easier to make. Serving suggestion: Pair with a side of spooooky salsa.

Healthy halloween snack

Everything but the Kitchen Sink
It’s hard to list all of the nutrients that are jam-packed into this sticky granola mix featured over at Super Healthy Kids. Almonds, and raisins, and apricots — oh my! Make the assembly of treats educational by teaching the kiddos about the vitamins and good stuff packed into each ingredient as you toss them into the mixing bowl.

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