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12 Yummy Ways to Top a Cracker

Published on: December 19, 2013

Simple & Crisp


No cracker? No problem, with this idea for Simple & Crisp dried oranges topped with goat cheese, pistachios, beets and a balsamic glaze. Tried and tested by Mirror Mirror blog, these are perfect for a grown-up party. Check out hashtag #perfectpairings on Instagram or Twitter for other tasty ways to dress up the fruit.

Yummy Mummy Kitchen


These cranberry-brie bites look frosty, but their sparkle comes from a sugaring process that Yummy Mummy Kitchen is happy to share. Sweet cranberries, cranberry relish and smooth brie cheese meld into a snazzy holiday cracker topper.

Camille Styles blog

Class it up!

Oh, the fig — so classy, we want to cry. And with drizzled honey, grainy crackers and smooth bleu cheese, it is certain the kids won’t touch it, and we’re just fine with that! Find all of the simple assembly tips over at Camille Styles.


The Tiny Funnel

What a hoot!

Here’s one for the kiddos. Cleverly cut crackers, cheeses, olives and apples let appetizers take flight in the form of petite owls over at The Tiny Funnel. We love the googly eyes — so much personality!


White on Rice Couple

Tart topper

Kick it up a notch from Ritz and cheddar with this idea for mini tomato tarts by White on Rice Couple. Make your base out of leftover pie dough and top off with homemade pesto, fresh tomatoes and basil.


Deanna's Ideas


Deanna’s Ideas dreamed up this adorable idea for “pumpkin pie” appetizers. With some skillful cuts and a steady hand, you’ll have dozens of pies to go around. Tips: look for triangle-shaped Triscuits to save time, and assemble last-minute to keep the crackers from getting soggy.


The Food Charlatan

Squash season

Besides the how-to on cutting a butternut squash (finally, thank you!), this recipe by The Food Charlatan shows how to marry seasonal ingredients of squash and cranberry to perfection. On a crostini, cracker or flatbread, this topping must make its way onto your party platters.


The Kitchn

Pile it on

Tired of being last-minute Lucy with your club crackers and dip? Put some thought into your app with The Kitchn’s recipe for goat cheese and caramelized onion goodness. The combo is a classic and screams “bring it!” to all those other sad potluck disasters.


Kevin and Amanda

Inside-out s’mores

We doubt your guests will be able to wait for dessert if they see these miniature s’mores hanging around the kitchen. The best part of Kevin and Amanda’s recipe is that nothing needs a from-scratch preparation. Cinnamon grahams, chocolate bark and mini-mallows are all you’ll need.


Imma Eat That

Through the grapevine

Roasted grapes? We don’t mind if we do. Imma Eat That created an oat-flour flatbread recipe as the perfect base for colorful grapes, shredded parmesan and mozzarella, and rosemary. Portion control is key, or else guests won’t have room for dinner!


Inspired by Charm

Cherry on top

This cracker combo by Inspired by Charm looks like little wrapped presents! The tartness of cherry preserves balances out the savory and sharp cheese and salami. Easy and tasty!



Baked brie

Unsophisticook hits the nail on the head with these baked brie pear and pecan bites. They’re everything we want in an appetizer. One sweet/salty bite to get your appetite going for the other holiday goodies to come!

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