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15 Easter Basket Goodies Featured on Etsy

Published on: March 12, 2012

Easter felt peeps by Ellie's Garden on EtsyPeep, Peep!

These colorful felt peep clips from Ellie's Garden Etsy shop are just as sweet as the real thing! Priced at $4.50 each, these perfect peeps will be a friendly companion to the rest of your Easter basket goodies.

Why not pick up a few in your little one's favorite colors? Check out the full shop to see other Easter-themed embroidered objects, such as personalized hair clips and pigtail bows -- plenty of cute accessories to go around!

Easter plantable seeds by Recycled Ideas on EtsyHop, Skip, and Plant!

We love the idea of filling an Easter basket with fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. These bunnies from the Recycled Ideas Etsy shop are made from seed paper, which you and the kiddos can plant and watch grow over time!

Priced at only $1 per bunny, why not add a few to your basket along with some spring-colored flower pots? The seeds are fresh and hand-gathered for planting (a mix of annuals and perennials). You may even have some blooms that make it to next Easter! Check out the full shop for other neat shapes and ideas.

Heirloom Easter basket by Mmim on Etsy Treasured Baskets

Don't tote your Easter goodies in just any old basket. Choose one that will last for years to come, like this hand-crocheted and felted wool beauty from the Mmim Etsy shop. This is one basket any bunny would love to call home!

Priced at $32, you'll be able to choose from a huge selection of yarn colors. This basket is just one of the many beautifully made items found in the shop, where you'll also find hand-painted picture frames, piggy banks, and wedding keepsakes.

Sailboat bath toy for Easter basket by Tweet Toys on EtsyCome Sail Away

Nothing brings more fun to bath time than a new toy! We think this handmade sailboat from the Tweet Toys Etsy shop is a great addition to any child's Easter basket.

Priced at $20 (and made from all-natural and non-toxic materials), these ships provide plenty of imaginative play for your sea-adventuring captain. Check out the full shop for more unique gifts that are perfect for play time, such as miniature rowboats, covered wagons, and nature-inspired mobiles.

Easter basket pearl bunny bracelet by Sweet Larks on Etsy Good Luck Charm

We love the idea of adding one extra special gift to an Easter basket to accompany the chocolate and decorated eggs. This delicate faux pearl bracelet from the Sweet Larks Etsy shop has just the right amount of charm to steal the show.

Shop owner Candice will create a beautiful bracelet perfectly sized and in your choice of color (ivory, lavender, white, or light pink) for $7.50. We love the other items in her shop as well -- headbands, hair bows, and earrings...oh my!

Easter bunny ears knit Hat by BabaMoon on Etsy Hoppy Little Ears

We couldn't stop smiling when we came across this adorable knit hat with bunny ears from the BabaMoon Etsy shop. The soft version shown is priced at $22 and sizes range from preemie to adult.

Shop owner Naomi offers up these cozy caps in a variety of colors, including snuggle blue, candy pink, or teddy brown (so cute!). Not just for Easter baskets either -- other knitted creations include teddy bear ears and flower bonnets for babies and toddlers.

Easter Bunny crayon holder by Kin-N-Around-Creations on EtsyRoll Along, Bunnies!

These cute crayon rolls from the Kid-N-Around Creations Etsy shop are the perfect Easter basket stuffers for all the creative littles in your life.

Priced at $8 each, these neat totes hold six crayons and roll right up with a bow for security. Choose from felt, fleece, or chenille in a variety of prints and colors. And, if you order three or more, shop owner Lori will give you a discount! The full shop includes fun play food, handmade puppets, games, and more.

Easter basket by Snuggly Monkey on EtsyAll Your Eggs in One Basket

If you're still looking for a basket to hold all those goodies, here's a special Easter basket from the Snuggly Monkey Etsy shop.

Custom-made with coiled fabric, the vibrant colors in this basket will surely stand out from the rest. When Easter is over, this little gem is pretty enough to put on display in your home. Check out the full shop for color and size options, as well as other unique items like a "boo boo" cold pack and more!

Easter Felt Chicks by Bossys Feltworks on EtsyTweetly Deetly Deet

These little cuties from the Bossy's Feltworks Etsy shop look like they would come out of the box chirping!

Priced at $24, you'll receive three sweet chicks that are perfect for your children's Easter basket. Made from 100-percent felted wool, these chicks are suitable for children ages three and up. We love those tiny beaks! Check out the full shop for dozens of other chicks and forest creatures all made with "Needle Felted Whimsy."

Easter gift bags by Blue Agave Studio on EtsyIt's in the Bag!

Add a little extra fun to your Easter egg hunt with these adorable drawstring bags from the Blue Agave Studio Etsy shop. Fill with larger items and hide alongside your Easter eggs to give your kids a special surprise!

Priced at $9 for a set of three, the best part is that you'll be able to reuse these eco-friendly bags year after year! Check out the full shop to see all of their different designs, including (for those think-ahead planners!) sets featuring Christmas-themed prints.

Easter bunny headband by Le Bebe Bowtique on EtsyBunnies and Bows

Here's a sugar-free way to get your chocolate bunny fix! This cute headband from the Le Bebe Bowtique Etsy shop features a small felt bunny that's the spitting image of the traditional chocolate favorite. Why not pick one up for your little one's first Easter basket?

Priced starting at $3 each, this sweet headband is accompanied by dozens of hair bows, headbands, and clips in this shop that are sure to keep your little one stylin' every day of the week -- in shapes like ladybugs, flowers, and ballet slippers. Cute overload!

Easter basket toy by Bannor Toys on Etsy Have a Ball!

We've been eying all of the gorgeous toys over at the Bannor Toys Etsy shop lately, and these colorful plush balls are sure to please your tots not only for Easter, but also throughout the entire year.

A great toy for indoor play, these sweet plushie rollers are made with soft eco-friendly materials (with a "parent-friendly" rattle inside), and you can pick up the set for $20. We also love their selection of wooden teethers and building blocks. Also -- for every three toys sold, Bannor Toys donates one toy to charity! A cool bunch of toys that also does good -- now, that's one sweet deal.

Easter gift boxes by TodoPapel on Etsy Box It Up!

These Easter gift boxes from the Todo Papel Etsy shop are the perfect size for hiding all of this year's Easter goodies -- a great alternative for families that prefer to be plastic-free!

Priced at $15 for a set of eight, these pillow boxes are decorated with felt bunnies or chicks, and include a hand-drawn, white-stitched detail along the border. Simply fill 'em up with your favorite goodies, fold over the end flaps, and you're all set for the big hunt!

Easter basket building blocks by Tiny Giraffe Shop on Etsy Bunny Building Blocks

Building blocks are a classic children's toy and never go out of style! Pick up this Easter-themed set from the Tiny Giraffe Etsy shop to stick in your kiddo's Easter basket this year!

Priced at $13 (with free shipping included), these festive blocks are made with eco-friendly materials and come wrapped in a darling "Happy Easter" bag. Check out the full shop for other building block designs featuring numbers, the alphabet, and fuzzy cute farm animals.

Wooden Easter eggs by Apple Namos on Etsy Eggs in Every Color

These wooden eggs from the Apple N Amos Etsy shop are not only great for Easter, but they're sure to provide plenty of fun pretend play throughout the year as well!

Priced starting at $16 for a set of six eggs, you'll be able to choose from a rainbow of possibilities (literally!). All of the shop's products are rooted in and inspired by Montessori and Waldorf teaching principles -- so how about a little Easter "edu-tainment" this year? Sounds likes a sweet deal to us!

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