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15 Eco-Friendly Toys for Kids Featured on Etsy

Shar Petit

Published on: February 27, 2012

Earth-friendly wooden horses by Wooden Toy Gallery on EtsyOff to the Races!

Your kids will love running circles around you with these beautiful wooden horses on wheels from the Wooden Toy Gallery Etsy shop. Made from sustainable birch wood and non-toxic paints, these horses are durable yet elaborate enough to collect and put on display.

Priced at $18, why not pick up several horsies in the colors of your choice? The shop also features other handcrafted toys such as wooden puzzle games and pull-along toys for little tykes.

Earth-friendly fairy tale puppets by Bebe Boulevard on EtsyRapunzel, Rapunzel…

Make story time special with this set of hand-stitched fairytale finger puppets from the Bebe Boulevard Etsy shop. Rapunzel, her noble prince, and the witch are made from earth-friendly materials and filled with hypo-allergenic stuffing.

Does your family have a favorite fairy tale? Contact the shop owner to order a personalized set that your kids can treasure for years! Other felt creations in the shop include animal appliques and sweet photo frames.

Earth-friendly bean bags by Ecoleeko on Etsy Bean Bag Toss

These are not your ordinary bean bags! Featuring fun shapes, this set of tossables from the Ecoleeko Etsy shop are so adorable your kids will want to tote them around everywhere they go!

Priced at $23, each cute set comes complete with five shapes inspired by Mother Nature (star, heart, leaf, mushroom, and cloud) that are made from organic fabrics and filled with buckwheat hulls. The best part: each set comes with a drawstring bag for easy storage -- great for on-the-go families!

Soy crayons by Earth Grown Crayons on EtsyScribble and Twirl

Setting your children loose with a pack of crayons and a sketch pad is a classic, no-fail recipe for entertainment!

Priced at $10, this earth-friendly drawing set from the Earth Grown Crayons Etsy shop is crafted from soy wax (biodegradable and paraffin free!). We love the colorful fruits and veggies -- all the shapes you'd find at a lively farmer's market! (Not recommended for children under age 3.)

Robot Pillow by Bloofbird on EtsyMr. Roboto

Calling all imaginations! These quirky little robot pillows from the Bloofbird Etsy shop are packing the personality.

Priced starting at $17, each robot friend is made with eco-friendly felt and non-toxic inks. Check out the full shop for a whole fleet of unique characters that we promise your little one won't be able to resist! Why not welcome a few to your earth-friendly home for some out-of-this-world play time?


Organic Canvas Bin by Dagmar's Design on Etsy Sweet Storage

Tired of tripping and tumbling over all of the abandoned items spread throughout your house? This darling organic canvas bin from the Dagmar's Design Etsy shop is the perfect size for storing your child's favorite toys while still blending in with your decor.

You won't have to worry about any sharp corners either, because the flexible cotton bends into every shape. Priced at $38, try it out on a staircase or next to the sofa for instant organization!

Felt Fox Mask by BHB Kidstyle on EtsyLions, Tigers, and Bears...

...Oh my! These eco-felt masks will turn your playroom into a jungle in no time! Priced at $14, there are enough styles at the BHB Kidstyle Etsy shop for the whole neighborhood to play dress-up.

This cute fox version is made with cozy, earth-friendly materials and a soft strap to keep the mask snug. Your little kit may never want to take it off! And as an added bonus, you can purchase a tail or mask set in the shop for only $31.70!

Quiet Book by Remain Ewicked on EtsyQuiet Time

When we first saw this gem of a quiet book, we couldn't believe it was made from upcycled and salvaged vintage materials!

Priced starting at $85, each one of these custom-made books from the Remain Ewicked Etsy shop is full of textural details like snaps, zippers, and buttons. Not to mention it will help keep kids calm through countless car rides and doctor's visits! The soft and huggable construction truly lets kids "cuddle up with a good book."

Wooden Puzzle by Imagination Kids on EtsySunny Side Up!

The folks over at the Imagination Kids Etsy shop sure know how to brighten our day!

Priced at $14, this stackable bright sun puzzle is made from sustainable wood and non-toxic paints -- safe for little hands! Check out the full shop for a collection of earth-friendly toys, puzzles, and building blocks that will inspire hours of play and imagination. You won't be disappointed!

Crochet Dino by Henry St. Martin on Etsy Delightful Dino

We couldn’t stop smiling when we spied this A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E baby dinosaur from the Henry St. Martin Etsy shop. Think of how much fun your family will have giving this cuddly guy a name and backstory.

Priced starting at $15, the shop features this sweet dino and other hand-crocheted yarn dolls filled with eco-friendly fiber. And to top off all of the cuteness, a portion of each sale goes to benefit a Denver-area charity. A new friend that's sure to bring your little one plenty of play, while doing good at the same time!

Eco Truck by Bannor Toys on EtsyWagons and Wheels

Beep, beep! The incredible selection of toys over at the Bannor Toys Etsy shop will make it hard to choose your favorite! Help your child develop motor skills and flex her imagination with toys like this earth-friendly truck priced at $14.

We love the classic shapes of all their toys (like pull-along cars, building blocks, and teethers), which are handcrafted from responsibly harvested wood and finished with natural oils. As an added feel-good bonus, the shop owners make a donation to a children’s charity for every toy they sell.

Eco Ragdoll by Riley Construction on EtsyBlossom Buddies

These sweet woodland fairies from the Riley Construction Etsy shop are as colorful as spring in full bloom. Priced at $55, these little beauties are made from unbleached muslin and organic fleece. With hand-embroidered details, whimsical skirts, and perfect blossoms in their hair, these dolls are destined to be a family heirloom.

The full shop, described as “Happy Plush for Happy People,” features other earth-friendly plush dolls for young children and teens, like ballerinas and fairytale characters, all made from organic and recycled vintage materials.

Eco Memory Game by Mamie Co on EtsyPretty Pairs

Help build your child’s learning skills with this delightful memory game from the Mamie Co. Etsy shop. Priced at $30, the nature-themed set is made from 100-percent natural and renewable merino wool. Ten pairs of pretty squares will come wrapped in a muslin drawstring bag for easy storage.

The full shop features memory games suitable for all ages! Choose from a wide variety of themes like animals, letters, or numbers -- any of which are sure to become a favorite toy passed from one generation to the next!

Veggie Friends by Lil' Earthlings on EtsyA Garden of Smiles

Start teaching your kids about healthy foods with this collection of veggie friends from the Lil’ Earthlings Etsy shop. Priced at $26, these colorful cuties are “organically grown” from 100-percent organic hemp cotton and natural dyes.

Each set includes peas-in-a-pod, one carrot, one beet, and a mini toadstool -- all are soft and safe for little ones to chew on. You can even add to your garden with the shop’s other sets of fruits or butterflies.

Tooth Pillow by Pilosale on EtsySnuggle Tooth

Is your little one getting ready for the first visit from the Tooth Fairy? Why not start a new tradition with this tooth pillow from the Pilosale Etsy shop?

Priced at $15, this pretty pocket is just the right size to tuck away a tooth or two for Ms. Tooth Fairy’s arrival. She’ll even have enough room to leave behind a tiny note. The full shop features other delicate designs made from earth-friendly materials and accents.

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