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15 Halloween Decoration and Crafts for Kids

From Playdough to toilet paper candles, these festive decorations are sure to scare you (with how cute they are!)

Published on: September 04, 2013

Halloween Decorations and DIY Crafts for Kids Nevermore Raven Black Wreath

Spooky entrance

Jill of was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s spooky poem “The Raven” to make this sophisticated yet macabre wreath. Because the opening stanza of “The Raven” begins with a knocking at the door, this black bird makes perfect front-door décor. Create your own wreath from fabric scraps glued onto a Styrofoam base, and then decorate it to match the spooky story or poem that says “Halloween” to you. For a tutorial check out Jill’s blog.

Halloween Decorations and DIY Crafts for Kids Candy Corn

Sweet idea!

Nothing says Halloween like candy corn. Sarah of Thrifty Décor Chick made these oversized reproductions of the real thing by wrapping Styrofoam cones in orange, white and yellow yarn. This project doesn’t even require glue! What a great project for kids or, as Sarah said, you could just wrap away while watching TV. Yum! Check out the complete instructions for these, plus another cute candy corn craft at Thrifty Décor Chick.

Halloween Decorations and DIY Crafts for Kids Witches Laundry Line Garland

Holiday laundry

Even witches have to do laundry! Staci at Crafty Staci offers a printable pattern for creating this little witch’s clothesline. The clothes were cut from felt, and then embellished with buttons and ribbon. Hang on a string with tiny craft clothespins as a cute alternative to a traditional Halloween garland. You could hang this anywhere from the mantel, the window or even in the laundry room.

Halloween Decorations and Crafts DIY Mummy Jar Lamps

Mood lighting

Up-cycle glass jars or clear plastic containers to make these spooky mummy luminaries. These are easily created by wrapping jars in white crepe paper, making this a great project for kids. Pam of Pa-Blam! used clear tape to secure the end of the crepe paper then glued on wiggle eyes. Battery-operated LED tea lights make them glow. Follow Pam’s instructions, or branch out on your own and use different colors of crepe paper to create pumpkins, or other cute monster characters! Tutorial by Pam at Pa-Blam!

Halloween Decor and Crafts for Kids Black Candles

Those are toilet paper rolls?!

Would you believe these “candles” are made from toilet paper rolls, black spray paint, hot glue, crumpled newspaper and LED tea lights? Pam of Pa-Blam used a hot glue gun to create the effect of dripping wax on the toilet paper rolls, and then painted the rolls with black spray paint. She also painted LED tea lights to match after taping over the “flame” part. The crumpled newspaper was inserted inside of the cardboard tubes to hold the light in place. What a great way to get the effect of melting candles without the fire hazard! Another great idea from Pam at Pa-Blam!

Halloween Crafts and Decor Ideas DIY Glowing Ghosts

Cheesy genius

These DIY glow-in-the-dark ghosts are just what you need to light up your yard or porch on Halloween night. Jackie of Domestic Fits made these from clear plastic Christmas ornaments, glow sticks, black felt and cheesecloth. Simply remove the metal top of the clear, round ornament and insert small glow sticks. (Don’t break the sticks until you are ready for them to glow!) Replace the top and add eyes cut from black felt and glued onto the ornament. Then drape a length of cheesecloth over the ornament and hang. View the complete tutorial at Domestic Fits.

Halloween Decor and Crafts Mummy Creature

Dressed-up Styrofoam

This cute mummy with bird-like legs is made from a Styrofoam ball wrapped in strips of muslin. Kim of Craftaphile used eyelets for eyes and sprayed the muslin with tea for an aged look. You could follow her instructions, or make your own version with supplies you have on hand. We’re sure that a mummy would be just as cute wrapped in white crepe paper, and adorned with wiggle eyes. Finish your mummy with wire bent to shape and inserted into the Styrofoam for the mummy’s skinny legs. Find the complete instructions at Craftaphile.

Halloween Decorations and Crafts for Kids DIY Frankenstein Can


Raid your recycle bin for a can and make Frankie the Friendly Frankenstein Monster. Parents will need to do the spray painting and help with gluing on pieces, but kids will enjoy decorating this whimsical guy. Have more cans on hand? Try orange spray paint for a jack-o’-lantern or white spray paint to make a ghost! The kids can help by cutting out ghost eyes and a smile from black construction paper. Instructions at

Halloween Decorations and Craft Ideas for Kids Ruffle Trees

Ruffles for days

You don’t have to sew a stitch to make these ruffled Halloween trees. Use fabric scraps and Styrofoam cones to design these unique decorations. Just gather the fabric into ruffles as you wrap and hot-glue it onto the cones. You could use Halloween-themed fabric for an October decoration, or choose fabric in fall colors or patterns to make ruffled trees that will last from September through November. By Jen of Tatertots & Jello.

Halloween Decorations and Crafts for Kids Ruffle Trick or Treat Bag

Even more ruffles!

Can’t get enough ruffles? Those who do sew can whip up this darling ruffled bag. Sierra at Blue Robin Cottage used a plain canvas tote as a base and sewed on strips of fabric. The Trick or Treat letters were stenciled on with fabric paint. This would complement any girl’s outfit as a purse or book bag during the Halloween season. Or the bag could be used for collecting candy while Trick or Treating. Idea and tutorial from Blue Robin Cottage.

Halloween Decorations and Crafts for Kids Glitter Black Raven Fireplace Garland

Glitter glam

Doll up your fireplace mantel with this glittery garland! Elaine of Not2Crafty started this project by cutting witch’s boots from black poster board and then adding glitter. She then tied the boots onto a long piece of black yarn, and added black spiders in between. Icicle lights and a black feather boa complete this glamorous Halloween décor.

Halloween Decorations and Crafts for Kids Pet Rock Jack o Lantern

This rocks

Pet rocks? How about pet rock jack-o’-lanterns? At No Time for Flash Cards, the blog’s author cut face shapes from painters tape, placed it on small rocks, then let the kids paint the rocks orange. She later peeled off the tape after the paint dried. This method works great for adults, but cutting the tape would be difficult for kids.

You could make a few rock-o’-lanterns yourself, and then try this kid-friendly version. Take the kids on a nature walk to search for rocks, and then let the kids paint the found rocks orange. After the base coat dries, they can paint on the pumpkin features in black. Kids will love painting funny faces on rocks, and several rock jack-o’-lanterns will look great grouped together on the front porch on Halloween night.

Halloween Decorations and Crafts for Kids Button Wreath

Cute as a button

This framed Halloween wreath can be used from year to year. Dig through your button stash and add die-cut bats to create this beautiful button art. Or, use what you have to create your own Halloween picture. Start with a dollar store frame and a piece of scrapbook paper as a background for your picture. Use white buttons to make a ghost or yellow to make a full moon. Add die cut Halloween shapes to complete your art. Wreath tutorial at Mod Podge Rocks!.

Halloween Decorations and Crafts for Kids Play Dough Can Monsters

Trick-or-treat Playdough

Many schools and churches are asking that non-food items be given as treats for Halloween and harvest parties. But, let’s admit that kids think that receiving a package of Playdough or spider ring instead of candy a little, well, lame. Be the cool parent at the party by making these fun monster containers for packaging playdough. Check out the tutorial for the containers, along with a homemade play dough recipe at The Idea Room.

Halloween Decorations and Crafts for Kids Scary Bathroom Toilet Ghost

Boo while you poo!

Don’t forget to decorate the bathroom! Guests will giggle at this spooky toilet décor! This is super easy to make, requiring only a circle punch, black paper and tape. Then, complete your Halloween bathroom by adding a couple of mummy luminaries and maybe even a glow-in-the-dark ghost. Keep the electric lights turned out and let the luminaries and glowing ghost illuminate the room. Check out the instructions at Canadian Nickel Scrapn.

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