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20 Halloween Treats for Kids

Published on: September 16, 2013

Halloween candy corn cookie bark by Your Homebased MomColorful Candies

A perfect party treat for this year's Halloween bash, we can't get enough of this candy corn cookie bark, featured on Your Homebased Mom.

Made using candy corn, pretzels, Oreos, and white chocolate discs, this bright and colorful Halloween "bark" is easy to make, with only a little bit of melting required. Simply crunch up your Oreos and pretzels while your white chocolate melts on the stove (or in the microwave), place all of your goodies on a foil-lined baking sheet, and drizzle the melted white chocolate over all of the ingredients to fully bind. And as the chocolate is setting, don't forget to add a dash or few of colorful Halloween sprinkles for a festive final touch!

Halloween Frankenstein cupcakes by Designs by Megan TurnidgeFantastic Frankensteins

Designs by Megan Turnidge offers up this excellent recipe for making adorable Frankenstein cupcakes -- and we love the idea of using colorfed ice cream cones with cupcakes hidden inside!

To make your own pint-sized Franken-cakes, purchase store-bought colored ice cream cones, cupcake mix, frosting, Sweetart and Smarties candies, and some black icing for Frankenstein's frighteningly fun face.

Be sure to head over to Designs by Megan Turnidge to see the full post for excellent tips and tricks on making these Halloween treats -- never before have we thought about baking ice cream cones in the oven, yet the result is beyond cool!

Halloween boo cups by Meet the DubiensBoo-tastic Halloween Treats

If you're looking for some quick and easy Halloween treats to whip up before the big party, these boo cups featured on Meet the Dubiens are an excellent pick!

Simply made with Cool Whip, Jell-O orange-flavored gelatin, and mini chocolate chips for the eyes, Mama Jill swears that these festive boo cups taste just like a "creamy and delicious Creamsicle." See Jill's full walk-through for the easy steps needed in making your own boo cups at home -- they're sure to be a hit with your tots!

Halloween candy corn cookies by Sweet SugarbelleCrazy 'Bout Candy Corn

Sweet Sugarbelle shares some great tips and tricks on creating these candy corn clone cookies -- and they sure look like the real deal!

Mama Callye was inspired to make these cookies after seeing them on Pinterest, but she couldn't get over the fact that when you cut up the colorful candy corn dough, some of the tips would be yellow and some of the bottoms would be white. With the help of her favorite cookie-dunking tot, she instead decided to coat the bottoms with melted yellow candy so that all of her Halloween treats would be traditionally correct in their graduated shades. Be sure to check out her full post for the recipe and some great ideas on how you too can color your candy corn cookies to perfection.

Halloween owl cupcakes by Desserted PlanetAll About Owls

We can't get enough of these adorable owl cupcakes featured on Desserted Panet. Those big cartoonish eyes... And that teensy Reese's Pieces nose -- oof! Just the sugar high we were needing.

The best part about these cute owlies is that they're super-cinchy to make. Simply whip up your favorite cupcake recipe, apply fudge frosting, and begin decking out your lovely little birds with Oreos and Reese's Pieces. Simple, sweet, and sure to be a favorite of this year's pint-sized party guests!

Halloween mummy cookies by Cookin' CanuckMarvelous Mummies

An excellent treat to add to the spooky sweets file, we love these Halloween mummy cookies included on Cookin' Canuck.

To make these creepy-cool cookies, Mama Dara baked up a batch of her favorite sugar cookies, and then enlisted her two sons for decorating, icing, and cookie-noshing duties. And though her frosting is chocolate-based, Dara recommends using a couple drops of black icing color (found in craft stores) for the eerie Halloween appeal. Also included in the post: two different ideas for good sugar cookie recipes and plenty of fun photos of her clan's creative process.

Halloween brownie spider bites by BakerellaCreepy-Crawly Sweets

Normally we wouldn't be too excited to talk about spider bites, but these Halloween brownie spider bites featured on Bakerella are certainly worth putting aside your fears for!

Decorated using licorice wheels, raspberry gumdrops (M&Ms work fine too), black non-nonpareils (sprinkles), and confetti stick sprinkles, these bite-size, eight-legged critters are sure to get some laughs and smiles out of your guests at this year's Halloween bash! Check out the full post for a handful of additional spider-y treat ideas and tips on creating your own creepy-crawlies.

Halloween graveyard brownies by Picky PalateGraveyard Goodies

Picky Palate offers up this fun idea for making fudge graveyard brownies -- we must admit, this is one Halloween graveyard visit that we'd certainly look forward to!

Decorated using Milano cookies, crushed Oreos, melted chocolate frosting, and candy corns, these spooky-sweet fudge brownies are a snap to make. Also included in this post: Halloween recipes for "monster eyeballs," pumpkin spice and chocolate caramel corn, "mummy munch," shortbread candy corn brownies, and more.

Vampire cookies on a stick by Sweet SugarbelleVampire Must-Haves

And yet another great idea from Sweet Sugarbelle, we absolutely love these vampire fang cookies on a stick. If you were looking for Halloween party favors and treat ideas, here's a perfect all-in-one recipe that's just for you!

To make these vampy treats, Mama Callye uses flat bamboo skewers, white piping and flood icing, red flood icing, and royal icing on the back of her sugar cookies for attaching the stick. Callye recommends adding the stick after the cookies have baked so that it won't be in the way while you're decorating your fangs, and because it allows you to make lighter cookies that won't fall off as easily. Don't miss out on the fantastic photography included in this post -- as well as a plateful of helpful tips, a great walk-through, and some darling pictures of her little ones with their sweet fangs!

Homemade candy corn by Sugar CrafterClassic Candy Corn

If you've ever thought about making homemade candy corn, don't miss out on this fun idea from Sugar Crafter. After realizing that she could no longer eat store-bought candy corn due to allergies, Sugar Crafter's Tracy decided to try her hand at the classic candies -- and she admits that they were much easier to pull off than expected!

To make your own, you'll want to have agave nectar, sugar, butter, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, cornstarch, food coloring, and a pinch of salt on hand. Visit Sugar Crafter for the full recipe and a great pictorial.

Pumpkin whoopie pies by Cookies and CupsWhoopin' It Up

It doesn't get much sweeter than these orange velvet pumpkin whoopie pies featured on Cookies and Cups! And the best part? Mama Shelly promises that these are "anyone-can-make-them" easy.

To get started, you'll want to put together your orange velvet whoopie batter and pipe it into round, pumpkin-esque shapes. Once those are popped in the oven, start on a cream cheese filling for the middle, and then finish your cookie pies off with a pretzel stem and some green frosting leaves.

All in all, an excellent idea for a two-in-one creamy Halloween dessert! Check out the full post for the complete recipe with tips and beautiful walk-through pictures.

Halloween caramel apples by Brown Eyed BakerAn Apple a Day...

The Brown Eyed Baker is kicking the flavor up a notch with her clever caramel- and chocolate-covered apple ideas -- and we have a feeling that these may just be some new classics in the making!

Featuring flavors such as apple pie, Snickers, Reese's, and rocky road, these apple recipes are quick and easy for parents who are looking for a last-minute treat idea. Simply melt your various chocolates and caramel, and add your savory and sweet toppings as needed.

Halloween monster brownies by Amanda's Cookin'Monster Mash

We have a feeling that your own little monsters will get a kick out of making these scrummy monster brownies featured on Amanda's Cookin' -- or at least we know that Mom will!

To make these kooky critters, Amanda simply whipped up some box brownies and then began bedazzling them with colorful cookie icing, Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Trix, mini chocolate chips, and pretzel sticks.

A great idea for a party activity table, your little goblins and ghouls are sure to have an excellent time decking out their own tasty Halloween spooksters!

Halloween ghost cookies by Happy BirdycakeBoo-tiful Sweets

These adorable little ghost cookies featured on Happy Birdycake may not be necessarily scary, but they sure are boo-tiful. (We are loving the little bow and flowers for the girly ghosts -- so cute!)

To make these stylish little haunters, Mama Birdycake upcycled a regular ghost cookie cutter into this minimalist shape and sealed it with duct tape (always does the trick!). For the happy little faces, you'll want to have some mixed food coloring on hand, along with some itty-bitty brushes. Or, simply add on some larger icing eyes and call it good!

Candy corn cheesecake mousse by Glorious TreatsCandy Corn Chillers

And for more in candy corn fun, consider making up a batch of these candy corn cheesecake mousses, featured on Glorious Treats. (Doesn't that just sound amazing?)

To make these colorful chillers, you'll want to have Cool Whip, cream cheese, vanilla, powdered sugar, milk (or cream, mmm), a bit of food coloring, and a handful of actual candy corns for garnish. Check out the full post for the complete recipe -- complete with sugar-free suggestions! -- and tips on creating these gorgeous Halloween party mousses.

Halloween coffin cookies by Bake at 350Creepy Coffins

Not that we're typically coffin enthusiasts, but these skeleton cookies featured on Bake at 350 are too frighteningly cute not to share!

Also doubling as a great party treat idea for Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in the beginning of November, these bad-to-the-bone cookies are made with black flood icing and a light green icing for the spooky skeletons.Get the full scoop over on Bake at 350 -- there's a great tutorial with plenty of tips and tricks for decking out your tasty coffins. (There's something that we never thought we'd say!)

Halloween chocolate spider pops by The Decorated CookieSweet Little Spiders

The Decorated Cookie offers up these cute little chocolate spiders that can be used as pops, or also as cupcake toppers. Treat versatility is a always a major plus in our book!

To make your own little critters, simply melt chocolate chips in a disposable decorating bag (or Ziploc bag) in the microwave, and then begin piping out their bodies onto a wax paper-lined baking sheet. Add in your lollipop sticks while piping the bodies, if desired, and top them off with some googly icing eyes. Quick, easy, and certainly one treat that can work just as well as a take-home party bag goody!

Halloween owl pops by Meet the DubiensSuckers for Owls

It's true -- we're a total sucker for these adorable owl pops featured on Meet the Dubiens!

At first glance, we thought that these cute little guys just had to be made from repurposed Crunch candy bars, but that's not the case. Mama Jill simply used leftover Rice Krispie treats and melted chocolate wafers to get the same effect! For the owls' eyes, Jill used white chocolate melting wafers, and completed the entire look with candy corn beaks. Much like the spider pops, these fall baby birdies would also make for excellent take-home goody bag booty!

Halloween Oreo and white chocolate bark by Bakers RoyaleCookies and Cream

Got a house full of Oreo fans? Right there with you... And that's exactly why we're craving this Oreo and white chocolate bark offered up on Bakers Royale.

If you're looking for a Halloween bash treat that's as "easy to make as melt, mix, and chill," this delicious bark is an excellent pick just for you. Simply melt some white chocolate chips, add crushed Oreos, stir to combine, and chill for about 10 minutes in the pan. Nothing beats simplicity!

Candy corn dipped marshmallow pops by Food Family FindsCandy Corn Bites

And for another great Halloween goody bag idea, we can't get enough of these candy corn-dipped marshmallow pops included on Food Family Finds.

Super-easy and just as darling, these candy corn pops can be made with orange and yellow candy melts, or white candy melts with orange and yellow candy coloring. (Mama Cat specifies that if you go the candy coloring route, regular food coloring or gels will not do the trick.) Simply dip your marshmallows in the candy melts (beginning with orange), and chill in the fridge for an hour before bagging them up or beginning to snack. Overall, a great idea for a fun and festive Halloween sweet!

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