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2019 Golden Teddy Awards — Shopping + Services

This year's winners and finalists

Published on: June 28, 2019

2019 Golden Teddy Awards — Shopping + Services

amazon prime boxes

Sanity-Saving Subscription Service

Winner: Amazon

Color no one flabbergasted that Amazon is the hands-down winner in this category. With Prime membership, delivery of roughly a bazillion items is typically free and fast. Using the “subscribe and save” checkout option saves both money and your sanity by delivering household staples on a set schedule. The fact that you can find just about anything you need on Amazon elevates this company to super-service status. One reader puts it succinctly: “Prime delivery means affordable, quality products on my porch in two days! From cereal to kitty litter to bicycles, they have it all!”


Since 1946, Baby Diaper Service has been diapering baby bums all over the Puget Sound area. The service provides a diaper pail and delivers clean, sanitized cloth diapers to your door in exchange for the soiled ones. Voters say that the “owner is great, with a big heart for weary moms and dads!”

Cloth diaper service and baby boutique Diaper Stork delivers clean cloth diapers to your door and whisks away the soiled ones, thank you very much. Serving the Seattle metro area, this mom-owned company helps parents make conscientious choices for their babies and the environment.

Imperfect Produce protects perfectly good food from going to waste while saving you money. You can customize your order, whether you choose organic or conventional produce. This novel service helps farmers, the environment and your wallet!

Family-owned dairy Smith Brothers Farms has been serving the Puget Sound region for more than 90 years. It delivers rBST-free (i.e., growth-hormone-free) milk and a host of other dairy, produce, pantry and bakery products right to your door!

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