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1 Art Project, Hours of Play: The Fun Doesn't Stop With These 3 Crafts

Make it easy and plan an entire afternoon's worth of activities

Published on: May 27, 2016

Photo credit: Art&Soul Studios

Who says the fun from making art has to end after the art is already made? These play-based art ideas will keep your little ones' creativity going for hours.

Photo credit: Art&Soul Studios

Puppets and Play

How you make them:

1. Your little one can start building the body of their puppet using the scrap paper pieces. If your child is older, she can cut out her own shapes. If younger, it might be easier for you to prep the body shapes. Your child can always cut out the smaller ones. 

2. Have your child punch the brads through the body parts to connect them. Using the brads gives the puppet movement, making puppet shows even more fun.

3. Add buttons, beads, yarn, scrap paper and anything else to create eyes, ears, fingers and feet. 

4. Once the puppets are made and the pieces relatively dry, take your tube and tape it on the back as a handle. Stronger tape works best for this.

5. Once the tube is taped on, enjoy watching your child put on endless puppet shows with their new handmade friend. This is a great one to do with a group! 

Photo credit: Art&Soul Studios

Abracadabra! Making Magic Wands 

How you make them:

1. This is a great fine motor activity perfect for little ones who need something focused to do. Have them start by wrapping their whole base (aka the stick or dowel) with pipe cleaners. I find it helpful to show them how to do it the first time and then let them at it for the remainder of the wrapping.

2. Add the part of the wand that brings all the magic! Push five or more pipe cleaners into the top or the wand, either by wrapping them among the pipe cleaners on the handle or by wrapping more pipe cleaners to secure them in place.

3. Now your little one can add extra magic by stringing on beads and buttons. And voilà! They have their very own handmade wand! 

Photo credit: Art&Soul Studios

Become a Superhero and Make a Mask

How you make it: 

1. Adults, you’ll have to help most at the beginning of the mask making by cutting a rectangle out of the felt and having your child hold it up to her face, covering her eyes. Take a Sharpie and dot where each eye is. Cut out eyeholes. Now it’s up to your little one!

2. Embroidery needles are dull, have large eyes and are easy for kids to maneuver, which makes this is a great fine motor and first sewing project. Let your child sew on scrap fabric pieces, beads and buttons. Use the embroidery thread to decorate the mask. 

3. Use fabric glue to add pipe cleaners, sequins and more fabric.  

4. When done, cut small holes on either side of the mask, string through yarn and presto! Your child has a mask to wear whenever it’s time to save the world! 

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