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Awesome Ideas for First-Day-of-School Photos

Shar Petit

Published on: August 05, 2013

I Heart Faces backpack photo

Take a backpack view
Heart-melter alert for this backpack photo of the kiddos by I Heart Faces. Keep back-to-school photos simple with a shot of the kids walking to the bus or walking toward the front door of the school..

Priceless Impressions

Tell us the facts
With a little photo-editing help, you can overlay facts about junior over a simple first-day-of-school photo. Priceless Impressions schools us with a good example of how to capture those special memories.

Laura Winslow Photography

Scholarly photo shoot
Get out the classic school props — old desks, books, nerdy glasses, and apples — and set up a first day photo shoot like the one at Laura Winslow Photography.

The Status Woe

Funny mom shots
We fell out of our chairs laughing at this idea by The Status Woe. Mom rejoices while the kids look miserable — love it!

KJane Designs

Compare apples to apples
Have fun with some apples like in this KJane Designs back-to-school photo shoot. Use enough apples for the kids’ ages or one for each grade.

No Biggie

Frame your kids
This DIY Polaroid frame idea by No Biggie can be used year after year to curate a collection of first day photos. Or, use a large, empty frame to add a little fun to your ordinary Day 1 shot.

Three Scoops of Love and Meaninful Mama

Chalk it up
Hopefully the summer sun will stick around to accommodate these darling first day of school photo ideas by Three Scoops of Love and Meaningful Mama. Have the kids decorate the blacktop with their grades or fun facts written in chalk.

Write Click Scrapbook

Capture the first and last
We’ve seen a lot of inspiration for first and last day photo opportunities, like this adorable mom-daughter example by Write Click Scrapbook. Other ideas include having kids hold the previous year’s first day photo, or having your senior hold a picture of their first day of kindergarten. So cute.

Hollyhocks and Honeybees and Let's Lasso the Moon

Show sisterly love
We know some sisters who would love these sister photo shoot ideas by Let’s Lasso the Moon and Hollyhocks and Honeybees — if only we can get them to share the spotlight. Get all the siblings together in one shot each year, and use chalkboards to document their grades. New first-day-of-school tradition?

DIY Mommy and Laura Winslow Photography

No-brainer printables
Ugh. BTS checklists overwhelming you? If your energy is zapped, first-day-photo help is here with these printables by The DIY Mommy and Laura Winslow Photography. 1. Print sign. 2. Give kid the sign. 3. Snap photo on your phone. Done deal.


Make it a keepsake
Have a little more time to dedicate to BTS snaps? Make a keepsake with this printable by Alphamom. Take your photo and document some memories alongside for a fun memento to look back on next year.

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