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Best Candy Stores Around Seattle, Bellevue and the Eastside

Marvel at the amazing sweet treats at these quality shops

Kate Missine

Published on: September 26, 2019

Best Candy Stores Around Seattle, Bellevue and the Eastside

Candy Mâché

Candy Mâché

A recent addition to the Issaquah Highlands neighborhood, Candy Mâché offers a unique combo of candy store and art studio inside a bright, airy space. Owner Brenda Zystra’s idea for the cool concept began with making a Candyland-themed cake for her son, from which she progressed to crafting elaborate candy dollhouses.

At Candy Mâché, she now shares this creative passion with her customers. Kiddos ages 4 and older can drop by for craft times, workshops or parties to try their hand at creating sweet masterpieces, from candy sushi to Tootsie Roll art to advanced gumdrop sculptures. Of course, there’s plenty of sugar just to indulge in too, such as bulk candies, shave ice and Italian sodas.

Play pit stop: A short drive or leisurely walk away find Summit Park, a compact but action-packed hideaway with challenging Kompan play equipment, climb-worthy boulders and two twisty, ultra-fast metal slides built right into the hillside. Or try out a tot-sized hike in the nearby Issaquah Alps; there's an awesome tween-sized hike as well.

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