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6 Ideas to Make Bath Time Extra Fun

Bath slime, tub crayons, dino egg bombs and much more

Vicky McDonald

Published on: July 09, 2021


Most kids love water and while bath time is mainly about getting clean, it’s also an ideal time for play. You may think that bath toys are just for babies but there is an abundance of products that make bath time fun for little kids, too. You can get bath slime, bath tub crayons, bath bombs with surprises inside and much more. Next time the kids complain about being too bored, too hot, or too whatever, consider giving them an extra-fun bath filled with toys and surprises to keep them entertained.

1. Dino egg bath bombs

Bath bombs are fun but bath bombs with a surprise inside are sure to please — especially when that surprise is a dinosaur! These dino egg bath bombs have different dinos inside and each one comes with a matching card with information.  

2. A fun little ferry boat

Turn your bath tub into a ferry port and let your kids load and unload cars on this two-story car ferry with a slide-out ramp. Green Toys are made of 100-percent recycled plastic and are durable enough to handle the rough seas of your bath tub! 

3. Gooey green bath slime

We all know slime is a winner with kids but most parents find it kind of messy. Bath slime, on the other hand, actually gets your kids clean. And what kid doesn’t want to jump into a gooey bath of green slime? This apple-scented slime from Suave works as bath gel, shampoo and conditioner. 

4. Paw Patrol adventure playset

Paw Patrol fans will love this adventure bay tower playset with a light-up car, water slide and Paw Patrol figures. It comes with suction cups to easily mount on the side of the tub. 


5. Colorful bath drops

Crayola color bath drops certainly make bath time a lot more colorful and interesting. My kids love mixing and adding colors together to make their bath look like a “giant strawberry smoothie” or a “green swamp” — depending on their mood. 

6. Bath tub crayons

Extend bath time fun with easy-to-grip crayons that are suitable for drawing on the tub! Let your kids get creative by scribbling and drawing as they splash in the bath  — they can even practice their letters. Thankfully, these crayon marks can be easily cleaned away with a little soap and water.  


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