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Family Vacation Planner 2020: Our Travel Guide for Seattle-Area Families

Nearby getaways and epic international destinations for Seattle-area families

Nancy Chaney

Published on: January 09, 2020

This is not Hawaii (see page 5)

Where will you go in 2020?

My very favorite pastime, especially at this dreary time of year, is travel planning. I can spend hours on Expedia and other travel sites. I check out all the Lonely Planet guides from the library (I'm old-school). I study maps and transportation routes. I make spreadsheets.

Of course, my family doesn't go on all the trips I research, but I still find the dreaming and scheming both fun and enlightening. With this kind of exploring in mind, and with 2020 ripe with new possibilities, we've rounded up some fab family vacation destinations.

And not to worry, we've got plenty of nearby escapes — day trips, even — that won't break the bank. There are also some popular destinations for kids and a handful of once-in-a-lifetime spots to dream about. Use the arrows above the image to find inspiration for your next family adventure.

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