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Virtual Marine Biology Camp

Calendar/Event Details

With so many public schools closed, our team of marine biologists are hosting an online Q&A about killer whales (orcas) and salmon. Depending on interest levels and our organizational capacity, we’d love to expand this to other age-appropriate marine biology topics in the coming weeks. Let us know what you’d like us to talk about. Check out for more info about our team. And email your kids’ questions to team AT oceansinitiative DOT org. We’ll choose 10 to talk about Monday. No ticket or registration necessary. We’ll be live on Facebook and Instagram (@oceansinitiative). We hope to “see” you Monday, and several more times until schools reopen.

PS we chose 11 am (Pacific time zone) because University of St Andrews (where we studied) has a daily coffee break called “elevenses” where scientists would gather in the lobby, drink tea or coffee, and eat pastry while talking about science. We’d love to recreate that routine and that sense of community online during these complicated times. So make a hot cocoa, grab a snack, and bring questions that make us think.

Event Details