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7 Awesome Backyard Activities for Kids on Rainy Days

Messy-fun diversions to entertain kids through the wet season

Rory Graves

Published on: January 24, 2023

7 Awesome Backyard Activities for Kids on Rainy Days

Girl playing with a stick in a mud puddle
Embrace the mud

Get muddy!

While summer sandboxes can become litter boxes for neighborhood animals as the drizzle rolls in, mud is the perfect rainy-season medium to inspire endless creativity. To make a mud pit, simply fill a plastic storage bin or a plastic, lidded sandbox with pesticide-free topsoil and let the rain do its magic. Or try this sensory mud play tray idea from The Imagination Tree blog.

As the mud dries and rehydrates, kids can experiment with an array of textures and explore the laws of physics. Pop the lid back on when the bin is not in use to keep the mud “clean” and free of bugs and other contaminants. Of course, kids will also love just the regular old mud puddles they find at the park.

If mud is too messy for your liking, rice- or bean-filled sensory bins (tip: use an airtight container) are a more sanitary sandbox substitute for whiling away the rainy months.

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