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Take Five: This Week’s Must-Reads From Around the Web, March 13

Published on: December 30, 2013

0511_bookworms_reg1Editor’s note: This is a weekly digest of stories we’re following — trends, news you can use and provocative parenting reads. Do you have a good read for us? Write

1. Is “pink slime” in your kid’s lunch? The problem is you can’t really find out, as Motherlode's take on this maddening issue points out.

2. One in three of us brings our cell phones to the dinner table. Another poll found that one in five of us would rather lose a romantic partner than a cell phone. Seattle Mama Doc shares stats and observations about our intense love for our cell phones. (P.S. Seattle Mama Doc will speak at a ParentMap lecture on March 21.)

3. A mom of three pens an apology to the parents she judged before she had kids of her own.

4. A new study on sex education is released suggesting that sex ed classes, "even the really G-rated ones, get teens to wait longer before they start having sex." Meanwhile, Utah is considering approving a new sex-education policy that could become the nation's most restrictive.

5. And in honor of International Women's Day (last Thursday) we share an interview with Peggy Orenstein, author of Cinderella Ate My Daughter, on the pitfalls of the girlie-girl princess phase.

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