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How Does Washington State Stack Up for Safe Teen Driving?

Parents, this is good news

Published on: June 13, 2018

Teen driving

Good news, parents of teens: Our state ranks no. 2 for teen drivers, according to a new survey from WalletHub.

The personal finance website reviewed safety, economic environment and driving laws across all 50 states. Here's where Washington ranked:

  • 22nd lowest in the number of teen DUIs per the teen population
  • 16th lowest in number of teen driver fatalities per the teen population
  • 8th lowest in vehicle miles traveled per capita
  • 1st in highest number of driving-related laws including a ban on texting while driving and impaired driving

Put it all together and Washington comes out no. 2 in overall rankings, just behind New York. Our state's also first when it comes to driving-related laws (you can thank last year's distracted-driving law for that).

As for places where you may not want your teen to drive, Wyoming, Alabama, Mississippi, New Mexico and North Dakota had the most teen driver fatalities per teen population.

Buckle up.

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